Seam Sure Water Based Seam Sealer


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McNett Seam Sure : Give your leaky tent a new lease of life

Application is quite easy.
Beware of the dripping.

I've bought my Sierra Designs Lightning 2 ultralight Tent back in 2007. The lightweight tent accompanied me on quite a few adventures from trekking in the high himalayas to touring around Ladakh. It performed flawlessly in all kinds of weather.. cold, wet and windy.

After a few years, i noticed that the seam sealing on the underside of the tent had started to peel off. And the tent started leaking in wet conditions. So it was imperative that i fix the tent before my next trip.

After a bit of research, i ordered the McNett water based seam sealer from Amazon and asked one of my friends to carry it for me from the US (to India). Here are my impressions using the seam sealer to fix my tent.

  • First i vigorously rubbed off the old peeling sealant coating on my tent using a wet rag and then let it dry.

  • I did one more round of cleaning before applying the seam sealant.
  • Applying the sealant was easy. The applicator brush is nicely designed and is about the same width as seam stitching on my tent.

  • The water based sealant flows nicely from the tube (it tends to drip if you are not careful). It is translucent white initially (letting clearly see where you have applied the sealant and where you missed it) and becomes transparent once its dries up.

  • Once the initial coating dried up (takes around 3 to 4 hours). I added one more layer just to be safe.

  • After use, you can just clean the brush with running water from a tap and let it dry.

So, applying the sealant was easy and my tent is now seam sealed. I've not used the tent yet on a trip, so i dont know how well the new sealing will hold up in the wet conditions. I'll update this review once i go on a wet trip and then add maybe another star to the rating if the tent holds up well in the rain.