Transcend CF400x Premium 32GB Compact Flash Memory Card


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Fast, roomy CF card for videos

Back in 2010 I reviewed the Kingston Elite Pro 32 GB 133x CF Memory Card. The 32GB CF card cost about 70$ at that time. It was a bit slow but roomy, reliable and perfect for my needs.

Fast forward to 2013, and my needs have expanded a bit. I now try to short short videos during my travels and the Kingston Elite Pro is just not fast enough for 720p videos. I could shoot only 3 to 5 seconds of footage before the card starts buffering and abruptly ending the video. So i started looking for a new faster CF card and the Transcend CF400x Premium 32GB seems to perfectly fit my needs. The Transcend costs only about 45$ and is more than 3 times faster than my old Kingstons. It has a read speed of 88mb/s and write speed of about 62mb/sec, perfect for shooting Hi Def videos.

I will order the card soon and update the rating (the 5'th start is pending a reliability review) and the review with impressions about the reliablity of the card, especially in the cold, high altitude environments i frequently find myself in.