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Can you see it ? Rainbow over the Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh.

A rainbow was the last thing i expected to see on a sunny October morning in Ladakh. But this magical land is always full of surprises and this was a special one.

I arrived at the banks of the Tsomoriri lake late on the previous evening and unable to find the way to the Korzok village, i camped by the lakeside. At 4400m, the night was slightly cold and windy and i had just a packet of biscuits for dinner. You might think that its a tough situation to be in, but i enjoyed every minute of it.

The next morning i woke up to a beautiful sunny day and spent the morning basking in the warm sunlight. There was nobody around for miles and i felt that i had the lake all to myself. And if that wasn't enough, i spotted the mountains putting on a small welcome show for me with this beautiful subtle little rainbow.

Its days like this that make you feel as if you are the luckiest person alive.
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Saravana Kumar

Just another wandering soul trying to find my place in the world. After over 10 years working behind computers, I quit my job to follow my passions. To travel to and photograph the most beautiful and remote corners of the world. I created Kettik as a platform for travelers to showcase their travels to the world.

Tsomori Lake

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