Driving Holidays In The Himalayas: Bhutan


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what can i say... this book was a lifesaver..

Back in 2007, i rode through Bhutan on my motorbike. Back then i had a lot of trouble gathering any information on the country. I didn't even have any decent road maps. The lonely planet book on Bhutan was useless as far as independent travelers were concerned. I did read a couple of great travelogue books which gave be a good insight into the country and its people but as far as practical issues were concerned, i had pretty much no idea.

I chanced upon this book pretty much by accident while browsing through the book stores in Calcutta. The book was exactly what i was looking for. It had detailed information on the routes, the permits and good background information on all the sights around this wonderful country. I especially appreciate the detailed information given about the various Dzongs (castles) and Lakhangs (temples).

The only complaint, i have about this book is that it is structured assuming that the reader would follow the itinerary as it was exactly laid out in the book. It a minor annoyance in what is otherwise a wonderful treasure trove of information for independent travelers around Bhutan..