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CNY HuangShan Trip 2009

For the Chinese New year holidays i decided to go to HuangShan. I was looking forward for a change of scenery from the usual tibetian mountains that im drawn to. And what better place than HuangShan to get a perfect taste of the Chinese mountain scenery. The Chinese people, and poets alike, never seem to tire of coming up with new ways to praise the HuangShan scenery. And all the photo's i've seen of the place seem to backup their claim. I was a bit circumspect about going there during winter but after a bit of research i found that the winter scenery is supposed to be the best with clear blue skies and the trees and mountains covered by snow. One day before i was due to leave it was snowing in Huangshan... I was excited...
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Saravana Kumar

Just another wandering soul trying to find my place in the world. After over 10 years working behind computers, I quit my job to follow my passions. To travel to and photograph the most beautiful and remote corners of the world. I created Kettik as a platform for travelers to showcase their travels to the world.

Huang Shan

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