A circular polarizer (CPL) filter is an important piece of kit in any photographers bag. Especially that of a travel/landscape photographer. In this post we'll examine some tips that will allow you to efficiently share a single CPL filter across your lenses of different size.

Why share CPL filters?

First off, you may ask why share a CPL filter at all ? Why not use a dedicated filter for each lens avoid all this hassle in the first place. Here are some reasons why..

  1. Its cost effective. Why buy many filters (costing 100-200$ each) and when you just buy a single highest quality filter available and share it across your lenses.

  2. Minimize the clutter in your kit bag. Carrying all those extra filters just adds extra weight and clutter in your kit bag, so why do it.

  3. Use your CPL with a hood. Typically not be able to use the manufacturer supplied lens hood along with a CPL filter. Even of you are able to somehow screw in the CPL with a hood attached, you'll still not be able to rotate your CPL filter to get the desired polarization effect. But by following the tips mentioned below, you'll get an pleasant bonus feature of being able to use a hood along with your CPL filter.