The Rupin pass trek is without doubt one of the most exciting treks available in the Indian Himalayas. It has so many twists and turns in its plot that it will leave most experienced of trekkers wanting more.

Traditionally the Rupin pass trek starts from the village of Naitwar in the Tons river valley region of Uttarakhand. From Naitwar the trail goes along the Rupin river valley to the villages of Dhola (reachable by Jeep now) and Sewa. After Sewa the trail crosses into Himachal Pradesh (always following the course of the Rupin river), first to Gosangu (its not a village but a central spot in the valley where the roads connecting the villages of Dodra, Kwar and Jiskun coverage) and then on to the hanging villages of Jiskun and Jakha on slopes above the Rupin. After Jakha the wilderness starts, taking you along the river through dense pine forests, across and over multiple snow bridges and meadows to the imposing 3-tired Rupin waterfall. Above the waterfall the trail finally leaves the river and veers left climbing steeply over a ridge and then over gentle undulating snowfields/meadows (depending on the reason) to finally reach the Rupin pass. An unmistakable half tube cut straight across the dip in the ridge line of the Dhauladhar range. 

On the other side of the steep pass, you'll descend over gentle snowslopes down to the meadows of the Ronti Gad valley. Going down further the trail would veer left and open up to the vast meadows of Sangla Kanda above the Rukti Gad river. After Sangla Kanda its only a few (5) kilometers down to Sangla and the questionable comforts civilization.