A large herd of Kiangs grazing by the Hanle river.

I do not call it the 'Wet and Wild' Hanle for no reason. 

Hanle is, without doubt, the most interesting region of Ladakh to visit. Being so close to the Chinese border, Hanle is off limits for most tourists. Indians need a Inner Line permit to visit Hanle, while for foreigners, Hanle is still off limits. Hanle is home to the nomadic Changpa people (both Ladakhi and Tibetan) who make their living by grazing their Yaks and  Pashmina goats both in the fertile grasslands by the Hanle river and high up in the mountain slopes surrounding the valley.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II / EF135mm f/2L USM
f 7.1 - 1/500s - ISO 100
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