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Pangong Lake

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When i visited Maan back in October 2010 there were no signboards advertising homestays or guesthouses. I asked around, and villagers pointed me to a local home (check the map above for the exact location of the house).The host is the wife of the headmaster of the government school in Maan. She spoke good hindi and was friendly and hospitable. They did not have a separate room for vistors and i ended up staying in their common 'glass' room and had my dinner in their kitchen with the family. Overall it was a typical homestay experience in ladakh, warm and friendly.Tourism is relatively new to the Maan village, the villages of Maan and Merak were opened to tourists only in 2010. Few of the enterprising locals are scrambling to cash in. My hosts were also building a couple of rooms to accomod
I've visited Pangong Lake twice. The first time was back in Oct 2008 when i did a short overnight trip to the Pangong lake on a rented motor bike and the second time was in Oct 2010 when bicycled there from Leh and spent over 5 days staying at the different villages around the Lake.The obvious draw for me is the beauty of the lake and the mountains that surround it. Separately they are stunning in their own right but together the mountains and the lake combine to give a unique visual treat few other places in the world can match. As you travel along the lake, subtle changes in the color of the waters (based on changes in its depth) and/or the layout of mountains keeps the visual experience flowing. Add a splattering of puffy clouds and a slight breeze you can be sure that you'll never bore