Maan village : Nawang Lhamo Homestay


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simple homestay, friendly and knowledgable host..

When i visited Maan back in October 2010 there were no signboards advertising homestays or guesthouses. I asked around, and villagers pointed me to a local home (check the map above for the exact location of the house).

The host is the wife of the headmaster of the government school in Maan. She spoke good hindi and was friendly and hospitable. They did not have a separate room for vistors and i ended up staying in their common 'glass' room and had my dinner in their kitchen with the family. Overall it was a typical homestay experience in ladakh, warm and friendly.

Tourism is relatively new to the Maan village, the villages of Maan and Merak were opened to tourists only in 2010. Few of the enterprising locals are scrambling to cash in. My hosts were also building a couple of rooms to accomodate the tourists and it should be ready by the 2011 tourist season.

Because of its location, in between the Spangmik and Merak villages, Maan should be relatively quiet and (relatively) unaffected by tourism compared to the Spangmik and Merak villages. Spangmik is too easily accessible to the tourists, while Merak being the last village on the route will attract tourists willing to go the distance. Maan sitting in the middle of these two villages might just lose out of the tourist crowds.