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Tsokar lake reflections

The peaks of the mountains of the Tsokar range reflected in a puddle on the shores of the Tsokar lake in Ladakh.

The Tsokar lake is one of the 3 high altitude salt lakes located in the Changthang region of Ladakh, India. The lake is fed by the glacial streams running from the mountains surrounding it. And the lake does not drain into any stream or river, and so it is salty as a result. Infact all the 3 lakes of ladakh, Pangong, Tsomoriri and Tsokar are like this,  classic endoheric basins.

The Tsokar lake has a lot of character. Unlike the Pangong and Tsomoriri lakes, the Tsokar basin is lush with marshy vegetation, irrigated by various streams that flow through it. It is a very interesting place for photographers and for bird watchers alike.

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