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Highs and lows of the Korzok to Kibber (Parang La) trek

The Parang La Trek was to be (and was) the highlight of my 5-month sojourn into the mountains (in 2012). The 105km trek would take me from the beautiful Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh, across the Pare Chu river, up and over the 5580m (18300ft) Parang La pass and into the gorgeous gorges of the Spiti valley.

This was another 'safe' trek that i carefully picked out to expose myself to the dangers of trekking alone in the mountains. The dangers i was after this time were crossing rivers and traversing glaciers, both of which i was afraid of doing. Turns out that those fears were more than justified.

Read the day by day entries to find out.

A collection by Saravana.

Saravana Kumar

Just another wandering soul trying to find my place in the world. After over 10 years working behind computers, I quit my job to follow my passions. To travel to and photograph the most beautiful and remote corners of the world. I created Kettik as a platform for travelers to showcase their travels to the world.

Tsomori Lake

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