Its Saturday morning.. almost midday and im still in bed. Got up a couple of hours back, didn't feel like getting out of bed, watched a movie and now that its over i still don't feel like going anywhere. So i figured i'd write about it. Something i haven't done in a very long time..

Why ? you may wonder.. Well, i don't feel like getting up and checking the messages on my phone (conveniently placed out of earshot). Why ? coz im pretty sure that there would be a couple of messages from work and i don't feel like dealing with them right now.

I had figured that once i quit my job (Oh yes.. i did !!) the days of working long hours and weekends would be behind me. I've given a rather generous notice period thinking that i would be able to take it easy during this time. You see, i was planning to have a smooth transition.. both at work where i need to prepare my backups and at home where i also need to prepare my backups (of a different kind.. i'll write about that later).

Its been a little over a month already and that illusion of mine (taking it easy) was proved wrong. I still have another month to go and I can taste it already.. the days of getting up excited and looking forward to the day ahead, excited about hearing the phone ring, having all the free time to do all the things i've ever wanted to do and do them whenever.. so on and on.

Cant wait for May 21'st..