Tigers, waterfalls and war memorials at Kanchanaburi

By @Saravana |

The hot humid tropical weather of Bangkok caught me by surprise when i stepped out of the plane onto the runway. I was wearing 3 layers of my heaviest winter clothes in order to reduce the weight of my check in and cabin luggage. While my fellow passengers looked amused, i proceeded to strip down to my t-shirt but still i was sweating. We entered the airport terminal soon enough and i was back in the cool again.

Getting visa on arrival was a breeze and pretty soon i was re-organizing my luggage, putting all the heavy stuff back into my suitcase and making my backpack lighter for the journey ahead. The first order of the day was to deposit my suitcase safely in some left luggage counter, the one at the airport cost over 100Bhat a day and the ones at Koh San road were not reliable, so i decided to leave my luggage at the Hualamphong train station. I took a airport shuttle to there and after depositing my luggage i took a taxi to the SaiTaiMai bus station and took the bus to Kanchanaburi. All in space of a couple of hours within landing.

Reached Kanchanaburi in the evening, as usual i declined the TukTuks and proceeded to walk to the river side where all the travelers hangouts where. Unfortunately for me Kanchanaburi was not a one street town like some of the places in China where i ventured before and pretty soon got lost and the LP map was no good, finally managed to get a lift from a young student. After trying the Apple Guesthouse (where the food is supposed to be phenomenal) i cheked in at the Jolly Frog. It was a pretty sweet deal with the rooms going for only 75bhat a night. After exploring the streets for a while i tucked in for a good nights sleep, it was a pretty hectic day with me traveling non stop.

Early next day i set off trying to find the brige over river Kwai. It was supposed to be just along the road, so i didn't bother asking directions from anybody and just proceeded to walk towards the direction where i assumed the bridge would be.
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